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Hey there and welcome to Gummerset. My little tribute to the Gummi Bears.

My Gummi Story

I was first bedazzled (I think that's a word) by the bears when I was 6 years old. It was then and continues to this day to be my favorite source of entertainment. I have decided to show my gratitude to the show with this little page. If I knew more about the web I'd make a larger site but I'm happy with my little spot in the Gummi Community. The bears have meant alot to me and I hope they mean something to everyone who visits my site.

Gummerset was never a relevant part of the Gummi stories. I guess it was a place on the Gummiscope. I've only seen it listed at New Gumbrea and on the map at Dunwyn. I imagine it to be a lovely village surrounded by the sea on one side and hills on the other. The gummi way rules supreme and cubs have nothing to fear as they play on the shores and hill sides.

Other Cities of the Gummis

Beary Born
Gummi's Great Bearton
Gummi's New Gumbrea
Gummi's Barbic Wood
Gummi's South Gumton
Gummi's Ursalia *Capitol*
Gummi's Gummi Glen



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